Creations To Rock North America One Last Time

Australia’s Christian metalcore band Creations announces its last North American tour.  Mouth Of The South, Church Tongue and Divebomb are also on the bill with the first stop happening in Columbus, Ohio, in late October.
(click on image for complete poster)

Formed in 2009, Creations announced its farewell plans this week via Facebook and Twitter.  In December 2014 the band tweeted, “Who really wants to see a Creations tour in 2015??!?!  Even if it’s the last time!  Because we need to figure out if you want to see us again!”

Turns out plenty of fans do want to see the group again.  The upcoming swan song includes Salt Lake City, San Diego, Tampa and Fort Worth among its destinations.  Here’s the routing:

Oct. 30 – Columbus, Ohio, Double Happiness
Oct. 31 – Newport, Ky., Thompson House
Nov. 1 – Indianapolis, Ind., Hoosier Dome
Nov. 4 – Des Moines, Iowa, Vaudeville Mews
Nov. 5 – Denver, Colo., The Roxy Theatre
Nov. 6 – Salt Lake City, Utah, The Loading Dock
Nov. 8 – Seattle, Wash., Studio Seven
Nov. 11 – Van Nuys, Calif., White Oak Music And Arts
Nov. 12 – San Diego, Calif., Woody’s Breakfast and Burgers
Nov. 13 – Mesa, Ariz., Mesa Underground
Nov. 14 – Albuquerque, N.M., Blu Phoenix
Nov. 15 – Fort Worth, Texas, Tomcats West
Nov. 16 – Tyler, Texas, Crossroads Music Venue
Nov. 17 – New Orleans, La., Siberia
Nov. 18 – Panama City, Fla., A & M Theatre
Nov. 19 – Orlando, Fla., Backbooth
Nov. 20 – Tampa, Fla., Epic Problem
Nov. 21 – Fort Myers, Fla., Legends Golf & Country Club
Nov. 22 – Jacksonville, N.C., Hooligans Music Hall 

Some shows are already on sale.  Click here for more details.