Biometrics At The Ball Park

Wait times for events at Yankee Stadium in New York might get a little shorter thanks to a new partnership with tech security company Clear.

Photo: AP Photo / Stephen Chernin, File
The letters on Yankee Stadium, owned by Reggie Jackson, are up for auction.

Clear provides biometric security services for airports around the country. Earlier this year it debuted fast access lanes at AT&T Park in San Francisco and, more recently, Coors Field in Denver, that prescreen fans for security with the touch of a finger.

“Sports stadiums are starting to look a lot like airports,” Clear CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker told Fortune. “Yankee Stadium holds 49,000 people and the majority of those people show up 30-45 minutes within the start of a game. It’s a lot of traffic at once. Our technology enables them to get in safely and securely.”

Enrollment in Clear is free for baseball fans and the company says the process can be completed in minutes.

Full Clear subscribers that pay $15 per month for airport access will also get stadium access through the deal. The company is reportedly in talks with other major sports stadiums and venues including concert halls.

And entry isn’t the only area Clear is eyeing – Fortune noted the company’s verification processes could also be used to speed up I.D. checks tied to alcohol and souvenir purchases.