Williams’ Interstellar Rider

Pharrell Williams, an avowed Carl Sagan fan, requires concert promoters to place a framed photo of the late astronomer in his dressing room, according to the performer’s 2015 tour rider, which also calls for the provision of Nilla Wafers, alkaline water and “SUPER COLD” sodas.

Photo: AP Photo / Abdeljalil Bounhar
Mawazine Festival, Rabat, Morocco

Williams has talked about being obsessed with Sagan since watching the original “Cosmos” series when he was a child.

The Sagan photo demand actually appears twice in Williams’s list of dressing room needs, according to The Smoking Gun. The singer’s backstage area must also contain Patron tequila, Ketel One vodka, gluten-free bread and crackers, Pedialyte, Cetaphil cleansing wipes and lotion, and a “box of matches (Very Important).” Along with very specific dietary needs for Williams and crew – for example, grass-fed beef – the rider reportedly requires that all advertising signs inside a venue must be darkened since, “We are not hawking pizza or the local ambulance chaser in your burg,” TSG said.

Along with that, a “well rested, sober” guard must be stationed near tour vehicles, the rider states, adding that the worker must be “less concerned with texting or twittering than keeping fans/stalkers from infiltrating the venue and work areas therein.” The rider’s advertising and parking entries could to be the brainstorm of tour manager Gus Brandt, whose prior work includes authorship of the Foo Fighter’s most epic and absurd rider of our time.