Brown, Venue Sued In Shooting

Chris Brown and a California nightclub are being sued by one of five men shot at the San Jose venue during an event featuring Brown Jan. 11.

Photo: AP Photo / Kin Cheung
Club Cubic, Macau, China

Paul Briley, a student at San Francisco State University, was shot in the foot at a “bash” featuring Brown at Fiesta Nightclub, and claims to have suffered nerve damage. He filed suit in Santa Clara County Superior Court Aug. 27, alleging negligence and premises liability.

Fiesta, according to the complaint, should have known the potential for violence breaking out at a Chris Brown show, and provided a litany of legal and violent altercations involving the singer going back to Brown’s very public assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

It also cited “four or more violent events and/or shootings” at Fiesta during the year before the Brown event.

The San Jose event, which sported ticket prices from $50 to $2,500, was billed as a VIP birthday party for Brown’s manager, according to the San Jose Mercury News, which also reported two other venues backed out of booking the same event after receiving police warnings. According to the suit, Fiesta was warned by police about the potential for violence but failed to provide adequate security or search attendees for firearms and other weapons, use metal detectors or pat-downs of those entering the room, and allowed entry to unauthorized and unticketed patrons.

Briley suffered permanent personal injuries as well as “fright, shock, terror, and post-traumatic stress of being shot,” according to the complaint.

Briley seeks general and special damages including for lost income and earnings capacity, medical and legal expenses, and interest.