Aussie Biz A Downer

A disturbing study of 2,904 Australian performers and workers found that levels of suicide, depression, drug dependence and alcoholism were significantly higher than that of the general population.


The study was done for Entertainment Assist, which helps industry personnel with health and financial concerns, by Victoria University. Over the past 12 months, those in the industry considered suicide five to seven times more than the rest of society.

It was higher at nine times more for road crews. More than 83 percent consumed alcohol in the past 12 months, 32 percent in the high risk category. Forty percent smoked marijuana, 25.5 percent used cocaine, 18.9 percent were partial to ecstasy and 17.5 percent used meth and amphetamines.

Between 37 percent and 40 percent suffered mental health issues, and 36.5 percent were diagnosed with more than one mental illness. Only 59.5 percent had sought professional help. Low pay and erratic stressful working hours were among contributory factors. The full report is at