David Allen Coe Owes Back Taxes

David Allen Coe has been ordered to pay more than $466,000 in back taxes and penalties stemming from a federal tax-evasion case.

Photo: Jeff Mintline / MintyPics.com
The Machine Shop, Flint, Mich.

Coe, who recently pleaded guilty in a Cincinnati court to one count of impeding and obstructing Internal Revenue laws, could face a maximum of three years in prison.

According to court documents, the singer performed at least 100 concerts throughout the U.S. between 2008 and 2013 and either failed to file income tax returns or failed to pay taxes when he did file.

Coe also owed money for previous years of income taxes but instead spent money earned from concerts “on other debts and gambling” according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio.

The statement notes that in approximately 2009, Coe stopped getting payments wired to his bank account for show deposits after receiving correspondence from the IRS regarding his outstanding tax liabilities, which kept the agency from levying his bank account.

Remainders of Coe’s fees were paid in cash day of show, “with no $50 dollar bills allowed as Coe believed they were bad luck and would not gamble with them.”

“All taxpayers, regardless of their profession, must comply with their federal tax obligations,” IRS Special Agent Kathy Enstrom said.  “As is evident from Mr. Coe’s guilty plea, schemes to evade the payment of taxes are a violation of the Federal Tax laws and postpones the eventual need to comply at an even higher cost, including federal criminal prosecution and having to pay back taxes with interest and steep penalties.”