Sun Kil Show

Mark Kozelek, the primary member of Sun Kil Moon, pulled his act from a scheduled Sept. 19 tour stop at Ottawa, Ontario’s CityFolk and publicly criticized the festival’s organizers. 
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In a posting on Kozelek’s Caldo Verde Records site, the songwriter said the cancelation was “due to unorganized promoters.” Apparently not satisfied to leave it at that, Kozelek on Sept. 14 posted tour blog links critical of CityFolk Executive Director Mark Monahan and previous events including noise violations at last year’s Folkfest and the Bluesfest stage collapse of 2011.

According to the Ottawa Sun, the postings appeared as Monahan was giving local media a tour of the festival site.

“It is unusual and unfortunate,” Monahan told the paper, adding that the issues between organizers and Kozelek were “blown out of proportion” and involved a lengthy email exchange that culminated in Kozelek “issuing a profanity-laced ultimatum.”

Monahan explained to the Sun that the trouble started with organizers contacting the singer-songwriter to sort out details of his appearance.

“And because we have multiple people contacting him about transportation and catering and stage management, he’s suggesting that we’re disorganized. This hasn’t been an issue for any other bands,” Monahan told the Sun. Kozelek canceled the show and later demanded to be reinstated, Monahan added. When he wasn’t, he took to the Internet. “My response to him was that he canceled the show and he’s free to make any comment he wants to,” Monahan said.