Wayne Newton’s Las Vegas Estate Opening As Museum

Wayne Newton fans will soon have a chance to say “Danke Schoen” to the iconic Las Vegas singer, who will be available as a tour guide at a glitzy new museum that features gilded furniture and a capuchin monkey.

Photo: AP Photo
Arizona Capitol, Phoenix, Ariz.

The crooner’s 52-acre estate named Casa de Shenandoah in southeastern Las Vegas opens Friday for tours with prices starting at $35.

Fans start at the visitor’s center and then shuttle into the compound to see the entertainer’s memorabilia, house, jet, cars, gift shop and exotic animals, including Arabian horses and the capuchin monkey.

Visitors can even opt for the VIP package with Newton as the tour guide.

Newton had lived on the property for 45 years, but he moved out in 2013 after selling it to CSD LLC.

Photo: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, file

The plan to create a “Graceland West” attraction to celebrate the singer’s long career had been stalled by a bankruptcy with the business entity.