Wonder Claims Deceit By Late Lawyer

Stevie Wonder is headed to court for a case involving his late lawyer, whom the singer claims tricked him into signing a contract that promises indefinite payments to the man’s family.

Photo: Rich Fury / Invision / AP
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According to court documents obtained by TMZ, attorney Johanan Vigoda had Wonder sign a contract at the age of 21 that promised Vigoda 6 percent of music royalties but there was apparently a catch – the payments would go on forever.

After Vigoda died in 2011, Wonder’s label continued to pay the family for two years until he realized what was happening and ordered the payments be stopped, the suit says.

Wonder alleges Vigoda betrayed and took advantage of him and is seeking a judgment to end the royalty payments.

Vigoda’s widow responded with a countersuit seeking at least $7 million that demands Wonder continue to make the payments, TMZ noted.