Hotline Helps Make Shows Safer

Making concerts safe takes a group effort, and one band is doing its part when it comes to battling harassment at shows through the introduction of a hotline for fans.


Speedy Ortiz recently introduced a number fans can text during a concert if they feel threatened.

“We believe that as a concertgoer you have a right to an inclusive, welcoming performance space. Music should be free of discrimination & venues should strive to keep concertgoers of all kinds safe. We’d like to help,” they wrote on Facebook.

The statement goes on to note that harassment and intolerance including “racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism & all other oppressive and marginalizing actions” will not be tolerated at Speedy Ortiz performances.

When a fan texts, the system will apparently alert band members, their tour manager and venue staff and security, who can then step in and try to resolve the situation.

“If you hear someone behaving harmfully we encourage you to speak up & speak out,” they wrote. “If you are being harassed, or feel unsafe and need help, please send a text to us directly. We will work with venue security and do our best to get you out of harm’s way.”

So far, feedback on the text line has been positive, lead singer Sadie Dupois told TakePart.

“Last night the venue was really thankful that we came up with it and [said] they’ve been wanting to implement a system like this for a long time,” she said. “Mostly we just have people coming up and telling stories of instances of how much they’d been in trouble at a show and wished that there was something like this.” The band declined to comment further to Pollstar because of time constraints.