Korea Culture Center Coming

A major indoor auditorium is under construction in a facility about an hour outside of Seoul, South Korea.  

Photo: Business Wire

The Korea Culture Center will be located on the premises of the Holy Eden Church, which is 18 stories high. The floor space of the auditorium will be 70,000 square meters, smaller than the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, which boasts twice as much floor space, but the Korean venue will have more seats: 5,800 compared to Beijing’s 5,473. However, if you include the Culture Center’s annexes, it is twice as large as Beijing’s.

The Holy Eden Church will also feature 36 leisure and sports facilities, including a 600-seat tennis court, and a luxury hotel with 550 rooms. Though media reports have not specified the religious nature of the church, they have indicated that the venue intends to attract both major K-pop concerts and international artists.