Rick Ross Named In Bodyguard Suit

A lawsuit recently filed against Rick Ross’ bodyguard that claims he drugged and raped a woman also names Ross as a party in the complaint. 

Photo: Larry Hulst / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images
Civic Center, Denver, Colo.

The alleged victim’s suit contends the woman was pursuing a job with Ross earlier this year when the incident with bodyguard Thaddeus James took place. The complaint brings forth claims of sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, false imprisonment, sexual harassment and violation of civil rights. It points the finger at Ross and Maybach Music Group, arguing they hired James and “fostered an environment in which drugs and rape were not only tolerated and condoned but encouraged,” according to court documents obtained by New York’s Daily News.

The woman says she attended a marijuana convention with James and Ross in February. While riding home from the convention she was offered liquor by James, who “turned away” while pouring the drink. “It is at this time that defendant (James) drugged plaintiff’s beverage,” the suit says.

The woman then alleges she blacked out and was taken to James’ hotel room, where she regained consciousness the next morning and realized she had been raped and sodomized. She fled California to be with her sister in Texas, the suit says, leaving in such a rush that she never laundered the clothes she was wearing the day of the assault so they still “contain DNA evidence of the rape.” She later contacted police. The woman is seeking general and punitive damages in the case.