Pope, UK Band Releasing Albums Of Same Name On Same Day

Holy musical matrimony? Pope Francis and UK pop group The Vamps are releasing albums of the same name on the same day.

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Pope Francis announced that he will release Wake Up! on Nov. 27, the same day the Vamps will drop their sophomore album called Wake Up.

“It’s ridiculous really, like it’s ridiculously cool. I didn’t even know the pope was releasing anything, but for it to be released at the same time and with the same sort of name, it’s amazing,” Vamps guitarist James McVey said in an interview with The Associated Press on Friday. “We’re very excited and kind of honored to be releasing an album at the same time as the pope with a similar title. That’s awesome.”

McVey, 21, added that “it would be amazing to do a gig together” with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

“Could you imagine?” he said.

The Vatican-approved album will include the religious leader’s speeches in various languages, including English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The sound ranges from pop to rock to Latin. The album will include 11 tracks.

Pope Francis, who is currently on a visit to the United States, debuted a song called “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!” on Rolling Stone’s website Friday.

The Vamps have opened on tour for Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. They will release the first single from their new album, also called “Wake Up,” on Oct. 2.

The band includes lead singer Brad Simpson, 20; bassist Connor Ball, 19; and drummer Tristan Evans, 21. The band’s debut album, Meet the Vamps, was released last year. It launched five Top 10 hits in the United Kingdom.

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McVey said that although their song “Wake Up” was initially about a girl, the title has multiple meanings for the group.