Jon Foreman Playing ’25 Shows In 24 Hours’

It’s impressive enough when artists play 25 gigs in 25 days, but Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman is taking things to the next level with his plans to put on a series of pop-up performances he’s calling “25 Shows In 24 Hours.”

Photo: Doug Seymour
World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, Pa.

The mini-tour will be held in the San Diego area, with gigs at taco shops, Foreman’s favorite rock clubs and his high school alma mater. A few shows will be private, including a wedding and a performance for patients at Rady’s Children’s Hospital. The excellent excursion begins with a 12 p.m. performance Oct. 24 at Bro-Am Studios, the non-profit performance space founded by Switchfoot.

Foreman plans on returning to Bro-Am Studios at 8 p.m. and Oct. 25 at 9 a.m. As for the locations of the other public performances, you’ll need to follow along on social media. Foreman plans on posting the location of the next performance after the conclusion of each set.

“25 Shows In 24 Hours” goes along with Foreman’s four-EP collection, The Wonderlands, which features a song for each hour of the day plus an extra track. The fourth EP, Dawn, is due out Oct. 23.

“I’m always trying to fit 25 things into 24 hours,” Foreman said. “This musical journey felt like the perfect way to express ‘the wonderlands.’ This project feels a lot like the ride of life: part inspiration, part madness, part joy, all within the confines of the clock.”

“The last line of the last song says it best: ‘I want to sing before my time runs out.’”

Tickets and VIP packages for “25 Shows in 24 Hours” are on sale now. All proceeds benefit The Bro-Am Foundation, which Switchfoot founded “to give back to the San Diego community through music, surfing and youth development programs.”