Thirsty Merc Crash Kills Stage Manager, Hospitalises Drummer

A car crash involving Sydney-based band Thirsty Merc killed stage manager Shane Cooper and left touring drummer Mike Skelton fighting for his life.
The Good Life Australian tour 2015

The accident, on the afternoon of Sept. 22, took place in country Victoria as Cooper and Skelton were transporting the band’s equipment to a show at The Loft in the regional town of Warrnambool.

The three other members of the group, who were not involved in the accident, canceled the show that night. Local police said Cooper, who was driving, died instantly.

Skelton remains in intensive care in Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital following surgery.

In a Sept. 23 Facebook posting, the band said no decision has been made regarding the future of its 41-date Good Life Tour behind its Shifting Gears album.