Landmark Gets Mixed Reviews

The Landmark Festival in Washington, D.C., started out with controversy for bringing commercialism to the National Mall, endured some first-day glitches, but ended on a relatively high note with Drake and The Strokes headlining. 

Produced by C3 Presents and intended to raise funds for the National Mall’s maintenance, the Sept. 26-27 Landmark came under fire early on as the National Park Service that oversees “America’s front lawn” generally eschews for-profit events on public lands it oversees.

And even though money was to be earmarked to come back to the Mall, the $105-$175 tickets apparently drew complaints of commercialism.

Dubbed by locals as “Mallapalooza,” the festival took place on a fenced section of West Potomac Park, just off the familiar reflecting pool and Washington Monument. The Washington Post reports first-day glitches were evident.

Wristbands and beer were both seen being given away as paying customers waited in long lines, according to the paper. Toilet paper was reportedly in short supply hours after the show began, and long beer and bathroom lines were said to be an issue.

However, the Post also reports that many of the problems were mitigated with more cash registers and personnel, as well as all-important portable toilets, and Day 2 went off much more smoothly. About 30,000 attended each day, according to the paper.