WellVia For Road Health

Eventric’s Master Tour is partnering with WellVia to give touring musicians quick and easy access to healthcare on the road.

This new feature is now available to all Master Tour users after a successful test period with Maroon 5 and Daughtry. At the first signs of that scratchy throat or when that prescription runs out in the middle of a two-week tour, road warriors can speak with a board-certified medical doctor who can help address health concerns easily and efficiently.

WellVia and Eventric have partnered to provide this service at a discounted monthly fee, starting at just $5 per person each month.

This HIPAA-certified program provides the member with 24/7, year-round telephone consultations with a U.S.-based physician and a written prescription to a local pharmacy, if the attending physician feels it medically appropriate. Master Tour users can continue to use the service even when they’re off the road and it covers up to six dependents.