Wrigley Rooftop Suit Dismissed

A U.S. District Judge has dismissed a federal lawsuit against the Chicago Cubs filed by owners of rooftop clubs overlooking .

Photo: AP Photo / Joe Raymond

The club owners attempted earlier this year to halt the installation of a new video board in right field that they claimed would block their views and kill their business.

At the time, U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall refused to stop the team from putting the board up. In her most recent ruling, Kendall rejected arguments by Right Field Rooftops that the construction violated an agreement between the Cubs and the club owners, noting the contract allows for “any expansion of Wrigley Field approved by governmental authorities,” according to court documents obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Kendall added that the rooftop owners and the team “continually clash over the rooftops’ patrons viewing live Cubs games.” She also dismissed the argument that the Cubs had tried to monopolize their games. “The product at issue is the Cubs presentation of live baseball games, which is the product of the Cubs alone that thus cannot be monopolized by the Cubs,” she wrote.