Sting, Mylene Farmer Play Lovers In ‘Hot’ New Music Video

Sting and French singer Mylene Farmer play steamy lovers in a new music video for their duet. In person, they play like old friends who kiss on the cheek.

Farmer remade Sting’s 2003 song “Stolen Car” and released the single last month. In a recent interview, the pair finished each other’s sentences and Farmer even gave Sting a kiss on the cheek after gushing about the new tune.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Invision/AP
Pose for a portrait at MSR Studios in New York.

“It’s a great song. I’m very, very happy to do this and share this,” she said. “And then I’m going to kiss Sting on the cheek.”

“Wow. I love my job,” Sting said with a smile on his face.

Sting, 64, and Farmer, 54, said they decided to collaborate after years of being friends. In recent years, Farmer attended a Sting concert in London and saw his musical, “The Last Ship,” on Broadway in New York City.

Their new video premiered Monday.

“It was hot. It was hot. And a lot of fun,” Sting said.

“Was it?” Farmer asked.

“I mean hot in a different kind of way than what you mean,” he said as Farmer laughed. “It’s a very sexy video.”

Sting said he originally intended to feature a female vocalist on “Stolen Car” when it was released on the 2003 album Sacred Love, making it perfect for the collaboration.

“(It’s) a story about man who is very wealthy – he’s a company director, he has a beautiful wife, two lovely children, but he also has a girlfriend. And it’s … the girlfriend’s saying, ‘You have to take me dancing sometimes. I live in the quiet; I live in dark the whole time,’” he said.

“And I feel alone,” Farmer added.

They recorded the song in Paris, and it will appear on Farmer’s album Interstellaire, out Nov. 6.

Farmer, who has released 10 studio albums and sold 11 million albums worldwide, rewrote the song to add her section in French.

Sting compared recording “Stolen Car” with Farmer to dancing with a partner.

“You know when you sing together and you sing in harmony and you have to phrase with another person, you’ll have to learn how they phrase and they have to learn how you phrase, and it becomes like a dance. It’s like a dance in the ear,” he said.

Outside of his duet with Farmer, Sting said he’s working on his own music.

“I’m almost thinking about it. I’m in the studio … with younger musicians messing around,” he said.