International Names For Melbourne Symposium

International names will speak at the inaugural Melbourne Music Symposium Nov. 12 to explore its status as a major global music city.
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They include Amy Terrill, vice president of public affairs for Music Canada who was lead author of The Mastering of a Music City, Key Elements, Effective Strategies and Why it’s Worth Pursuing, and Prof.

Robert Kronenburg from the University of Liverpool. The symposium, titled “We Can Get Together,” is hosted by city of Melbourne and will include presentations from international music executives, promoters, academics, town planners, bureaucrats and architects.

Councillor Rohan Leppert of city of Melbourne, said, “We are a city that lives and breathes music, but our city is also growing at a rapid pace. Our role as a capital city council is to work with the music industry to ensure that as the city grows, so too does our live music sector.”

He said discussions would include “the issues and challenges affecting music cities around the world, such as the availability and viability of venues and spaces, the role of festivals and events, education and employment, research and demographic analysis and resolving tensions between amenity and development and music performance.”