M For Montreal Ready For No. 10

Grimes, The Franklin Electric, and Louis-Jean Cormier are just a few of the acts appearing at 10th anniversary fest.

More than a multi-day festival, the Nov. 18-21 event also serves as a music-discovery vehicle for fans and industry pros alike by showcasing some of Canada’s best emerging talent. Plus, M For Montreal presents a series of “delegates” made up of music professionals who conduct panels and offer tips on all aspects of building music careers. The festival was founded by Sébastien Nasra and Glastonbury booker Martin Elbourne.

Photo: Charles Sykes / Invision / AP
"Budweiser Made In America," Ben Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, Pa.

“We really act as career development,” Nasra told Pollstar during an interview posting later this week.  “The core mission of the organization was not so much to put together a festival.  The festival is just a means to a goal, that goal being career opportunities, export opportunities.”

And the opportunities are almost endless, both for industry execs and for festival lovers wanting one more major event before the year ends.  The festival’s opening show takes place at the Rialto Theatre and features a lineup including The Franklin Electric, Milk & Bone, and Elliot Maginot.

M For Montreal will also host a SiriusXM concert featuring Louis-Jean Cormier, Plants And Animals, and Foreign Diplomats at Club Soda Nov. 19 that benefits the Garage à musique de la Fondation du Dr Julien and its efforts to provide aid to help children and their families by providing services ranging from medical to activities such as summer camps and music lessons.

As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, M For Montreal is collaborating with photog John Londoño to present his “Snapshot Sessions” that runs at Phi Center Nov. 20-Dec. 12, co-presented by the venue and Lozeau.

While M For Montreal presents artists at more than 20 venues throughout the city, the event’s last night will feature Grimes performing before a sold-out audience at Metropolis.

But we’re just skimming the surface of what M For Montreal has to offer.  Check back Friday for Pollstar’s Q&A with co-founder Nasra and über-booker Mikey Bernard.  Meanwhile, visit the event’s website via this link.