Psy Returns As ‘King Of Concert’

After more than a year of relative inactivity, South Korean rapper Psy is planning a big close to 2015. 

Photo: AP Photo / Lee Jin-man
Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena, Seoul, South Korea

On Dec. 1, he will release his first album of new material in 32 months. Then, he will host his annual year-end concert series at the Seoul Olympic Stadium Dec. 24-26.

Psy has staged these “All Night Stands,” which average four hours in length, since 2003. The subtitle to the 2015 edition will be “King of Concert: God Psy.” In the promotional poster for the shows, Psy is depicted wearing a “gat,” a form of traditional Korean headwear for men, which is pronounced in Korean as “god.”

The year-end concerts usually have a dress code, but this year’s hasn’t been announced yet. In other Psy news, the tourism director for the upscale Gangnam district of Seoul announced the local government will build a statue in tribute to Psy’s worldwide 2012 hit, “Gangnam Style,” in front of a shopping center where some of the video for the song was filmed.

The statue will be in the form of two hands folded over, mimicking the stance of the famous horse-riding dance Psy performs in the video, which has been viewed more than 2.4 billion times online.