Prince’s U.K. Ticket Sale Postponed

Prince’s fans throughout the United Kingdom were perched in front of computers today as they waited to purchase tickets online for the Purple One’s “Piano & A Microphone” tour. That is, until Ticketmaster tweeted that the onsales were being postponed. 

Photo: AP Photo / Courtesy of Aviva Klein for NPG Records
Cipriani Wall Street, New York City

Earlier this week Prince announced he would embark on a solo tour of the United Kingdom with only a piano & a microphone, hence the tour’s name.  Scheduling two shows per venue per day, Prince plans to play Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall Nov. 27,  London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane Nov. 29, and Birmingham’s Symphony Hall Dec. 1.

Less than an hour before Friday’s 10 a.m. onsales were to launch, Ticketmaster tweeted the postponement, saying details were to follow.

Meanwhile, Prince’s reported Twitter portal of choice weeted displeasure regarding touts and the people who buy from them.

Another tweet claimed it would be cheaper to fly to Prince’s Minneapolis hometown and pay for accommodations in order to see the star perform at Paisley Park than buying tickets from scalpers.

Sky News noted that the postponed onsales occurred on the same day that a consumer group “called for a crackdown on ticket re-selling.”

So far, most fans have supported Prince’s efforts to oppose ticket reselling.  Of course, some were a bit peeved about the abrupt postponement.

A new date for the onsales has yet to be announced. Stay tuned.