CTS Eventim Continues To Grow

The Munich-based ticketing giant boasts an increase in revenues and earnings for the first nine months of fiscal year 2015 (Q3).

Photo: eventim.com

While the overall revenues surged by 23.1 percent to €577.5 million (compared with €469.3 million in the first nine months in 2014), the adjusted EBITDA went up 17.8 percent to €107.2 million.

Revenues in CTS Eventim’s ticketing segment grew to €215.3 million, which marks a 11.8 percent increase compared with last year’s €192.6 million. Adjusted EBITDA amount to €75.6 million (plus 11.1% compared with last year’s benchmark).

The overall volume of tickets sold online – through CTS Eventim’s own channels as well as through acquisitions – increased by 19.4 percent to 22.2 million total. Revenues in the live entertainment segment surged to €366.4 million, a 29.7 percent increase compared with last year’s Q3 (€282.4 million).

EBITDA grew by 37.5 percent to €31.6 million. Going forward, the company will focus on growing its e-commerce business, continuing to expand internationally and developing new products and services, an official statement reads. Further revenue and earnings growth is expected across the board.

The company points out that it had adjusted its 2014 numbers – which serve as a reference in its latest earnings report – after the acquisitions made in that year as well as the takeover of Italian ticketing firm Listicket in July 2014.