Cable Guy Trademark Lawsuit

The company that owns trademark and merchandising rights for Larry The Cable Guy says the Giterdone convenience store in Diamondhead, Miss., is violating the trademark on his catchphrase “Git-R-Done.”

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Callahan
Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, N.H.

The store’s response is to deny the allegations and ask a federal judge to rule in the store’s favor, according to the Sun Herald. Attorney William Whitfield III sued Nov. 18 for Git-R-Done Productions Inc. of Florida and Atlanta.

Attorney Tom Wood filed the response for Giterdone C-Store of Diamondhead Nov. 24. The lawsuit claims damages of more than $75,000 and asks the judge to award triple any damages found in court. Larry the Cable Guy is the stage name of Daniel Lawrence Whitney, known for his blue-collar comedy.

The lawsuit says the “Git-R-Done” trademark has been used since at least 2001 in Whitney’s comedy career and on licensed merchandise such as hats, beer, T-shirts, packaged meats and macaroni.

The suit claims the convenience store/gas station began using “Giterdone” before it opened for business in 2013 and later on billboards and roadside signs and in registrations for assorted merchandise. The merchandise includes drinking cups, cigarette lighters, belt buckles, bottle openers, beer, candy and other merchandise, the lawsuit says.