Bangor Shed Upgrade

Artists making a tour stop at a Bangor, Maine, shed will soon find a more efficient load-in and exit available.

The Bangor city planning board approved early December a plan to add a second entrance to the 15,000-capacity . The current layout of the venue is such that bands and performers have to park their vehicles on a street that interferes with fans trying to get into a concert.

The second entrance would allow the vehicles to park behind the stage area, according to WCSH-TV. Not only will the entrance be easier for the bands, it will provide an easier and faster route in emergencies.

“There’s actually going to be a fire hydrant located down there and fire lanes, so if there is a problem at the concert venue, then they can get closer versus coming through the crowds of people to get back there,” David Gould, city planning officer, told the station.

Gould added that the entrance will only be used during concerts and only by the band members. He believes the second entrance will eliminate stress for the bands and the Waterfront Pavilion staff.

The entrance is projected to cost between $500,000 and $600,000. If approved, construction could begin in the spring, just prior to the next concert series, WCSH said.