Calling Festival Taking A Break

The UK-based Calling Festival rock event won’t happen in 2016, a source told Pollstar

“The genre of acts are not there, so it was deemed to give it a rest,” a source told Pollstar.

The festival could always be revived and brought back, the source said. Calling Festival started as Hyde Park Calling in 2006. As the name suggested, it was staged in London’s famous park as a two-day event. Since 2008 it was called Hard Rock Calling, named after the new sponsor. A year later the festival was expanded to three days.

In 2013 it moved to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

When Hard Rock and Live Nation severed ties after the 2013 edition, the festival, now simply dubbed Calling Festival, moved to Clapham Common, turning into a two-day event again.

One more edition took place July 4, 2015, as a single-day festival. Live Nation and Festival Republic have not responded to requests for further comment.