Madonna May Pay For Late Trains

The New South Wales government wants Madonna to pay for putting on late trains for the final two shows of her 82-date Rebel Heart Tour, the Sydney Daily Telegraph reported. 

Her late arrivals at previous Australian shows, sometimes by up to three hours, caused fans to choose between leaving mid-show or missing the final public transport from venues.

In anticipation, the Government time-tabled extra trains until 4 a.m. for her March 1. They were originally scheduled to end at 11:30 p.m.

“We have spoken to her about (contributing to) it,” a spokesman for NSW Minister for Transport Andrew Constance told the Telegraph. The venue is 18.8 km from the city.

Shadow Minister for Transport Jodi McKay said, “As a global city we want to encourage major artists to perform here, but taxpayers shouldn’t be left to foot the bill for late running public transport just because superstars like Madonna run behind schedule.”

As it turned out, the singer was 15 minutes late for the first Sydney show and two hours late for the second. However, at the second date, she explained it was being filmed for a DVD and she wanted “everything to be perfect.”

She made amends by putting on a performance that almost hit the three-hour mark, which again proved that the multi-generational icon is still on top of her game.

She referenced an onstage incident in Brisbane when she exposed a 17-year-old fan’s breast onstage, apparently accidentally.

“I am 18. I am old enough to know better and young enough to want to anyway!” the 57-year old quipped. She had flown the 17-year-old model, Josephine Georgiou, and her mother to the show.

As it was the final show, Madonna thanked her band and crew and then invited the 19 dancers to take turns spanking her. The show finished just before 2 a.m.