Inductee Steve Miller Bashes Rock Hall of Fame

Steve Miller was recently inducted into the but instead of voicing it as an honor, after the ceremony the musician had other ideas about the event.

Miller referred to the night as a bad reality TV show and as a “lazy” night with “a bunch of fat cats.” He further expressed his disdain by questioning the purpose of the hall, “You tell me what the hell is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and what does it do besides talk about itself and sell postcards?” Miller said.

Photo: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP
31st Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Barclays Center in New York.

Questioned about his opinions, Miller said, “The reason … is because they make it difficult for the artists. I think it’s time for the people running this to turn it over to new people because it doesn’t need to be this difficult. You don’t need to insult every artist that comes along.” He added, “People in the crews are nice, but people that are running it at the top have no concept of how to run a concert or how to run an award ceremony or how to take care of artists.”

The Black Keys, who inducted Miller into the hall, expressed disappointment with Miller in an interview with Rolling Stone and said they walked out in the middle of his performance.

Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach said: “You know what happens in this business, the longer Pat and I are in it? When you get wealthy, when you get famous, it doesn’t change you. It only amplifies who you are deep down inside.”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame President and CEO Joel Peresman also responded to Miller’s comments in an interview with Rolling Stone, saying he found Miller’s comments and the surrounding controversy sad. 

“This is a night where we’ve had bands that have broken up, and hate each other, and with a few exceptions, are able to get back together and celebrate for one night and realize it isn’t about them, it’s about the fans that wanted to see them get inducted,” Peresman said. “For one night, look at it as a celebration of your legacy and how important you are to rock and roll.”

Other inductees at the ceremony, which took place at Brooklyn’s , included N.W.A., Cheap TrickChicago and .