MP Wants To Ban Fireworks From Concerts

A proposed fireworks ban would apply to audience members rather than the bands that incorporate them in their shows.

The motion proposing the ban was introduced April 12 by Nigel Adams, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Music. “Many people I talk to are stunned to find out that carrying and deploying flares and fireworks in the crowd at a live music event is not banned – unlike at football matches, where spectators can count on the protection of the law,” Adams said.

According to the MP, this measure has “support across the board: from fans wanting to focus on the music, performers wanting to put on a good uninterrupted show, and organisers wanting to provide a safe event.”

The status quo under current law is explained on Adams’ website: “While those under 18 are banned from using fireworks on public property, most music events occur on private property, and adults are not banned from their use unless it can be proven that there was intent to cause harm.

“Flares are not covered by firework regulations because they are not designed for entertainment. This Motion does not seek to change the current rules allowing artists and organisers to use pyrotechnics in their shows – only to prevent them being carried or used by audience members.”