Punk Frontman Kicks Fan, Catches Ban

Punk band The Story So Far has been banned from Toronto’s  after lead singer Parker Cannon kicked a female fan off the stage and into the audience during an April 10 show.

Footage shows the fan climbed on stage and stood at the front for a prolonged period until Cannon noticed her and then delivered a flying kick to her back, launching her forward into the audience.

An individual named Becca Ilic claimed to be the fan booted off the stage and released a statement on Facebook. In it, she said she was intoxicated during the incident, acknowledged she was at fault for climbing and remaining onstage, and said she found Cannon’s behavior to be “in good fun.”

Video of the incident has since gone viral and a number of music websites and blogs have cited it as an example of misogyny and victimization of female fans at pop-punk shows.

One blog from Vice cited Cannon’s lyrics of “think about who you let between your thighs” and “I know where you’ve been/You’re ruining men” as examples of hostility toward women.

This is not Cannon’s first time booting a selfie-taking fan off stage, as a similar incident occurred with a male fan at a 2015 show in Houston.

Club Manager Jorge Dias told CBC via email: “We are appalled by the actions of the singer. That was a very cowardly act.” Dias also said The Story So Far will not be welcome back at the Mod Club.