Glastonbury Rumored To Move

Glastonbury Festival will reportedly try a new location in 2018, which was supposed to be a fallow year for the farmland that doubles as a festival ground. 

Founder Michael Eavis wants to take the festival to Longleat Safari Park for the 2018 edition, according to a Loaded report. He might have to move it from Worthy Farm, Pilton, permanently, although not necessarily to Longleat.

The current site is becoming increasingly unsuitable for the large-scale event, the report continues. Eavis said that there was a gas pipe running under the site, which could break “if everybody dances on it at the same time.”

The waste spill that occurred at the 2014 edition has led to further scrutiny of the event’s suitability. Glastonbury has always been known for taking a toll on the festival site, half of which belongs to the Eavis family, which is why the festival used to take a break every five years.

That could change once the festival found a new permanent residency.