Fame Before Defamation

Formerly engaged musicians Ciara and Future are now taking legal action against each other with Ciara claiming he defamed her and Future claiming she has to be famous before she can be defamed.  

Photo: Matt Christine / Santander Arena
Santander Arena, Reading, Pa.

The public feud is over their child, Future Zahir Wilburn. Ciara filed suit against Future for $15 million Jan. 21 claiming that a series of tweets, including one which referred to her as a “bitch,” damaged her reputation as a mother and negatively impacted her career.

Future filed a countersuit April 8, claiming that Ciara is using the lawsuit and their custody battle over their child as a means for promoting her own career, which he says has lost significant momentum in the past several years. He seeks reimbursement for legal fees and an unspecified amount in punitive damages, according to The Jasmine Brand.

The feud escalated recently when a Ciara refused to say her baby’s father’s name in a promotional video for an awards show. She has also posted pictures of new fiancé and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson spending time with, and some would say acting as a father to, Future Zahir on various social media, which Future has stated he is not happy about.