Ratt Founders Trapped In Naming Dispute

Former members of Ratt are mired in legal disputes over who can use the name.

Photo: James P. Hendershot
M3 Rock Festival, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Md.

Founding drummer Bobby Blotzer recently filed for a temporary restraining order against the band’s original bassist, Juan Croucier, but a U.S. District Court judge denied the request April 7. Blotzer, chairman of the board and president of WBS, the company that manages Ratt’s business affairs, claims his group, now touring under the name Ratt, has exclusive rights to use the name and logo.

In his application for the restraining order, Blotzer claimed Croucier’s touring with a band called Juan Croucier’s Ratt, his use of the Ratt logo and description of himself as “the other voice of Ratt” is infringement on WBS’s rights.

Croucier claimed that he was entitled to reference his work with his former band when promoting his new band and that Blotzer was unable to attract interest in his band when it was called Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience and began using the name Ratt to gain attention.

U.S. District Court Judge Dean R. Pregerson denied Blotzer’s request for a TRO, saying it was not clear who owned the rights to the name, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Blotzer was also recently the target of legal action from founding Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini, who is a shareholder in WBS. DeMartini claims Blotzer’s use of the band’s name for his personal project is improper and it should be reserved for performances with the original members. A ruling against DeMartini was issued Nov. 5, overturning his injunction to prevent Blotzer from using the moniker. The original members of Ratt reunited for a reunion tour from 2012-14, but have since gone on to individual projects.