Johnny Marr, Co-Founder Of The Smiths, Has A Book Deal

The co-founder of the 1980s English rock band The Smiths has a book deal.

Photo: Scott Legato /
St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, Mich.

Dey Street Books announced Thursday that it has acquired guitar great Johnny Marr’s autobiography. The book is called “Set the Boy Free,” and is scheduled to come out Nov. 8.

Marr, along with Steven Patrick Morrissey, professionally known only as Morrissey, formed The Smiths in 1982.

Marr left the band in 1987, and has since recorded with numerous other musicians.

The 52-year-old guitarist says in a statement that he “wanted to convey a feeling of breaking free” that has defined much of his life.

The Smiths released four studio albums during their five-year career.