Paylogic’s Social Ticketing

Through a partnership with Make it Social, Dutch ticketing company Paylogic hopes to drive ticket sales.
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By integrating Make it Social into its system, Paylogic’s festival and event clients obtain the ability to enable group ticketing.

“An ‘Invite Friends’ button triggers a group creation pop-up, allowing users to easily invite friends via email or SMS,” the announcement reads. That way, Paylogic hopes to counter the findings of a study published by Make it Social earlier this year, which arrived at the conclusion “that 25 percent of social group bookings are abandoned sometime during the planning process, due to hassles including wrangling group members’ preferences and payments.

The industry averages are listed at 21.6 (open rate) and 2.4 percent (click rate), respectively. “An excited fan who convinces others to attend a festival is one of the best marketing tools in the industry,” said Paylogic International CEO Jan Willem Van der Meer.