TM Brings DIY To UK

Ticketmaster announced the opening of a European office for its Universe self-service ticketing platform in London. 

“Universe provides event ticketing software combined with advanced promotional and marketing tools,” an announcement reads. “The company works with event organizers in over 600 cities around the world to help them promote their events, manage attendees, and sell more tickets.”

According to Ticketmaster, one central feature of Universe is the “ability to sell tickets anywhere online through a customizable event page or Direct Payment widget.”

The company was founded in San Francisco last year and acquired by Live Nation soon after. The European expansion of Universe will complement Ticketmaster’s TicketWeb offering with a “DIY ticketing and event marketing platform,” said Mark Yovich, president of Ticketmaster International.

According to Universe co-founder and CEO Ben Raffi, more than 31,000 event organizers are using the platform in the U.S. and Canada. Joseph McAuliffe, who’s been developing the Universe business for the past two years in San Francisco, will move to London to manage the operation from the UK.