Festival Of House Hanging In The Balance

The council of Angus, Scotland, where Festival of House was to premiere June 10-11, has raised concerns. 

The local police and fire department raised safety concerns, and officers accused promoter Jigsaw Events of bad planning. A list of signees concerned about the effects on local wildlife was put in front of the council as well.

On the other hand, festival director Craig Blyth produced 500 letters of support, “citing the positive economic impact it will have on the area and the promotion of Angus to a global audience,” local news sites report.

The festival bill already lists RudimentalUnderworldDubfireDixon and many more acts.

Organizers are expecting 15,000 people to show up to the premiere edition. Angus council will decide April 29 whether to grant Festival of House a public entertainment license.