Eventbrite Moves Into Merch

By integrating social commerce platform Teespring, Eventbrite wants to help event organizers to simplify the process of designing, manufacturing and selling merchandise.

The ticketing company will be using Teespring’s e-commerce and apparel design technology “to not only give our customers a new way to connect with their attendees, but also offer them a valuable opportunity to earn additional revenue,” said Dylan Serota, head of platform at Eventbrite. Serota also said that event organizers would keep all of the profit for every shirt they sell through the Teespring integration.

Robert Chatwani, chief marketing and revenue officer of Teespring, added that designing apparel and making it available for purchase would only take minutes.

“Just like Eventbrite helps you create live events for your cause, Teespring lets anyone turn their passion into a great product, with no risk or upfront investment. It’s a great fit.” Eventbrite sees more advantages in not having to go through the traditional process – working directly with clothes shops on the manufacturing and logistics, estimating quantity, guessing sizes – but to be able to create merchandise as part of creating an event on Eventbrite.

The Teespring integration also allows event organizers to start selling merchandise prior to the actual event.