Arrests At Lilac Festival

The Rochester Police Department felt its staffing levels were adequate but will reassess matters for the remaining days of the Lilac Festival in Rochester, N.Y., after fights broke out May 7 resulting in the arrests of 10 individuals, seven of whom were juveniles. 

during Gaelic Storm’s set

The department had 26 officers and four supervisors at the event, which runs May 6-15, and there were also Monroe County sheriff’s personnel and festival security on hand, according to the city’s Democrat and Chronicle.

“It was a little bit atypical,’’ Lt. John Prewasnicak, in charge of RPD’s special events unit, said at a media briefing. “We’re always busy Saturday afternoons and yesterday was a very busy day, it was a beautiful day out. I think we had enough officers on hand but there were a lot of unsupervised youth that resulted in a lot of problems.’’

The first of many fights began around 5:30 p.m., resulting in the arrests of three juveniles charged with disorderly conduct. They were taken into custody and released to family.

Later, three more juveniles were taken into custody with charges ranging from obstructing governmental justice, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana, and released, the paper said. Concerts during the festival included Gaelic Storm, Matisyahu, Keb’ Mo’, Rusted Root, and The Fabulous Thunderbirds.