Meghan Trainor Laughs Off ‘Tonight Show’ Fall

Meghan Trainor is taking things in stride after losing her balance and falling at the end of a performance on Thursday night’s “Tonight Show.”

Photo: Matt Sayles / Invision / AP
Grammy Awards, Staples Center, Los Angeles, Calif.

As she turned around to face the audience following her performance of her new single, “Me Too,” Trainor appeared to roll her right ankle. She reached out to grab the microphone stand but couldn’t stop from falling and ended up flat on her back.

Trainor appeared to be OK and host Jimmy Fallon tried to make the best of it, calling it “one of those things” before lying next to the singer on the stage.

Trainor is laughing off the mishap on Friday. She has sent several videos of the fall on Twitter and writes that she’s “all good” and has “barely a scratch.”