Death, Explosion At Sacramento Show

Two incidents led to injuries and a fatality at a sold-out concert in Sacramento’s  May 15.

Witnesses reported numerous people fighting while one individual was “sucker punched” and fell to the ground, eventually being pronounced dead.

Police are investigating the incident as a homicide, according to the Sacramento Bee. Earlier on during the event, a deep fryer ignited a propane tank, causing an explosion that burned multiple people.

The explosion caused a small stampede, injuring several other concertgoers. At least seven people were injured in the burn or stampede, with four more minor injuries, according to KCRA.

The 102.5 Live show, headlined by California native , was promoted by KSFM and sold out, according to KSFM’s website. News sources reported more than 15,000 were in attendance at the outdoor venue.