Where To Find Secret Stuff

Secret Stuff, an up-and-coming indie rock band from Nashville, has announced 30 shows in 30 days this summer. The boys will share the stage with Pictures of Vernon and I Love Your Lifestyle, but most of the shows only have one support act.

The cities listed are mostly in the Southern and Eastern regions of North America and a number of them do not have a venue confirmed. The dates start June 7 in Knoxville, Tenn., and end in the band’s hometown.

Secret stuff is a rock trio whose members blend very well musically and write some catchy riffs. The band’s latest EP, This Is Fine, was produced by John Hicks, who has worked with Relient K and Haste The Day. The producer uses distortion and echo to get a Jimmy Eat World-inspired sound.

What Secret Stuff really has going for it is the unmistakable drive and energy of a youthful band putting its absolute heart into its music. Secret Stuff keeps its sense of humor, writing songs with titles such as “I Lost My Dinosaur,” “Mila Kunis Seems Like A Lot Of Work To Date…” and “My Life Is A Steinbeck Novel,” but the lyrics are an earnest attempt at giving voice to the emotions, insecurities and vibrancy of youth.

Here’s a sample of the band’s lyrics:

But I don’t hate you
I just really wish I did
I would have married you
Who am I kidding?
We’re just kids

According to the group’s Bandcamp page, the members are still in college and host bi-weekly house shows.

The routing for Secret Stuff’s upcoming run of shows is listed below, with Pictures of Vernon and/or I Love Your Lifestyle is listed next to the venue, depending on who is scheduled to join them:

June 7 — Knoxville, Tenn., Long Branch Saloon (Pictures of Vernon)
June 8 — Atlanta, Ga., The Masquerade (Pictures of Vernon)
June 9 — St. Augustine, Fla., Shanghai Nobby’s (Pictures of Vernon)
June 10 — Orland, Fla., TBA (Pictures of Vernon)
June 11 — Miami, Fla., The Granary (Pictures of Vernon)
June 12 — Tampa, Fla., Tre Amici (Pictures of Vernon)
June 13 — Tallahassee, Fla., The Shark Tank (Pictures of Vernon)
June 14 — Birmingham, Ala., High Note Lounge (Pictures of Vernon)
June 15 — Jackson, Miss., Big Sleepy’s (Pictures of Vernon)
June 16 — Memphis, Tenn., House Concert (Pictures of Vernon)
June 17 — Owensboro, Ky., Ron’s Garage (Pictures of Vernon)
June 18 — Columbus, Ohio, Donatos Basement (Pictures of Vernon)
June 19 — Indianapolis, Ind., Paradox Lounge  (Pictures of Vernon)
June 20 — Springfield, Ill., Black Sheep Café (Pictures of Vernon)
June 21 — Chicago, Ill., TBA (Pictures of Vernon and I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 22 — Grand Rapids, Mich., The Upper Room Church (Pictures of Vernon and I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 23 — Akron, Ohio, Fool Mansion (Pictures of Vernon and I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 24 — Wilkinsburg, Pa., Mr. Roboto Project (I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 25 — Buffalo, N.Y., Sugar City (I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 26 — Toronto, Ontario, Smiling Buddha Bar (I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 27 — Ottawa, Ontario, Leaky B’s Lava Lounge (I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 28 — Montreal, Québec, Stack Your Roster HQ (I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 29 — Worcester, Mass., Gandylot (I Love Your Lifestyle)
June 30 — New York, N.Y., TBA (I Love Your Lifestyle)
July 1 — Philadelphia, Penn., TBA (I Love Your Lifestyle)
July 2 — Philadelphia, Penn., TBA (I Love Your Lifestyle)
July 3 — Montclair, N.J., The Meatlocker  (I Love Your Lifestyle)
July 4 — Fallston, Md., Grateful Acres, TBA (I Love Your Lifestyle)
July 5 — Richmond, Va., TBA (I Love Your Lifestyle)
July 6 — Blacksburg, Va., TBA (I Love Your Lifestyle)
July 7 — Nashville, Tenn., That 70’S House (I Love Your Lifestyle)

The tour is mostly at small venues and the band’s Facebook hasn’t been updated to provide access to tickets, so if you want to see a show, your best bet might be to buy tickets at the door.