Robinson Still Cruisin’ At 76 With Focus On Health, Business

Smokey Robinson credits the habits that were instilled in him as a child with helping him maintain a healthy, active lifestyle – including being able to tour the country at 76.

“I used to run marathons and do those things that I thought were going to be beneficial for me at this time in my life,” he said in an interview last week. “When I got to this point in my life I did not realize … how beneficial it was going to be because I feel great.”

Photo: Jae C. Hong/AP
With his Frances Gladney, in Los Angeles to promote their new skincare lines.

While Robinson created his legend writing classic songs like “My Girl,” ‘‘I Second That Emotion” and more for Motown, he was also a bit of a jock, playing basketball, baseball and more. He also has practiced yoga for 35 years and has been a vegetarian longer than that.

“I’m only going to get this one body so I want to be healthy as long as possible. I believe in taking care of myself,” he said.

Robinson said his new skincare line is an extension of that. It’s a collaboration with his wife Frances and includes two products: “My Girl” for women and “Get Ready” for men, created for people of color.

“This is our first time (working together) and we’re definitely on the same page,” Robinson said of mixing business and pleasure with his wife, who is an interior designer.

Robinson says it all boils down to taking care of your body. And these days, while he’s on tour, that includes a lot of rest.

“When I do concerts, people come to me after the show because they think that show business is just wine, women and songs – you party and that’s it,” he said.

“Someone will be like, ‘OK Smokey, where is the party?’ I just had a party for two-and-a-half hours. I was onstage, that was the party to me,” he added. “Now I’m going back to my hotel room and I’m gonna watch TV until I fall asleep and get some rest and rest my body.”