Auckland’s Eden Park Makes Bid To Host Concerts

New Zealand promoters would be able to attract more international acts if Auckland’s 50,000-capacity Eden Park stadium is successful in its bid to be able to host concerts.

in Auckland, New Zealand. 

At present it can host only sports meets, drawing half a million fans each year. With Auckland set to unveil new planning rules called the Unitary Plan July 22, Eden Park chief executive Guy Ngata has put forward a proposal to be allowed four concerts a year.

He says Auckland has missed out on major tours by Taylor Swift and One Direction who wanted larger venues than the city could offer.

Concerts would add NZ$1.5 million to NZ$2 million ($1 million to $1.42 million) per event to the stadium’s annual revenue, he added. The bid is supported by promoters including Geoff Jones, CEO of entertainment company TEG, who toured One Direction but had to bypass Auckland.

Jones says a 50,000-capacity venue would woo Adele and Beyoncé, currently on world tours but have yet to announce dates in the region.

“It’s in the heart of Auckland, served well by public transport, and its world class facilities are on par with any Australian stadium,” he said. But Auckland Council is apprehensive that Eden Park’s location in a residential area could generate noise complaints.