Drummer Leaves Band To Focus On Festival

Los Angeles-based rock band Devil You Know’s drummer, John Sankey, parted with the outfit to focus on continuing to organise the hard rock Legion Music Festival in Australia next year.  

The Australian-born musician relocated to Los Angeles 15 years ago, and began with the band in 2012.

“With imminent major announcements coming in the near future I simply no longer have the time to commit to both projects,” he said. “I’m extremely proud of being a founding member of Devil You Know and will always respect what we have achieved.”

Sankey’s involvement in Legion began by chance when hard rock Soundwave festival collapsed last December a month out. The original idea, along with Aussie promoters Mark Spillane and Kristie Lawrence, was to use some of its acts a few months later. However, Sankey’s determination to provide a quality event rather than a hastily thrown together replacement meant the festival was delayed until 2017 while funding and enough headliners could be put in place.

Legion lands as an open-air festival in Melbourne (Jan. 26), Sydney (Jan. 28) and Brisbane (Jan. 29) with small club versions in Perth and Adelaide Jan. 21-22. The 18 acts announced so far include Devil You Know, other U.S. bands DevildriverDarkest Hour and Battlecross, Canada’s Front Line Assembly, Finland’s Lordi and Australian bands including Dream On Dreamers, 28 DaysAversions CrownCaligula’s HorsePolaris and DarkC3ll.