Eddie Money Sued By Ex-Drummer

Glenn Symmonds, former drummer for Eddie Money, has amended a lawsuit against Money, adding sexual harassment charges to his discrimination suit.

Photo: Scott Legato / RockStarProPhotography.com
DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, Mich.

Symmonds claims Money fired him because he had bladder cancer but added the charge that Money detained Symmonds’ fiancée, Tami Landrum, backstage at a concert with sexual intention. 

The amended complaint says Money discriminated against the drummer based upon age, disability and medical condition, and includes battery, assault and false imprisonment claims, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Money’s attorneys are currently addressing only the initial complaint, claiming it is frivolous and raises First Amendment concerns.

“The performance of music is a fundamental First Amendment right. Eddie’s choice of the members of his band furthers and is directly connect to this right,” the rocker’s attorneys say in the motion, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Money claims the lawsuit is inspired by his decision to tour in 2015 with another band, including his son, Julian, on drums.

“I believe I have the right to have who I want in my band,” Money said on a Facebook post. “And I don’t believe my former drummer can dictate to me how I present my music to my fans.”

Money, noting his bouts with drugs and alcohol years ago, stressed his purported reputation as a good husband and father.

“For Glenn to say I hit on this girlfriend and detained her in an open-doored dressing room at the DTE Energy Music Theater near Detroit, or anywhere else, is showing everybody who is aware of the situation as our witnesses how fraudulent their accusations are.”

Symmonds has also claimed that, during a radio interview, Money said a microphone was his penis and hit Landrum in the face with it. He also allegedly once dedicated “I Think I’m In Love” to Landrum during a concert and proceeded to turn to her and sing it while his thumb stuck out from his pants zipper.

According to the complaint, everything came to a boiling point in Detroit when, during an argument, Money dragged Landrum into a bathroom and blocked her exit.

According to the complaint, Money fired the band a week after Symmonds confronted him, but brought everyone back on board except Symmonds.

Money claims he had every intention to rehire Symmonds but Symmonds and Landrum posted disparaging messages on the internet and left threatening voicemails for concert promoters.