The Record Company

Not long ago, 525 Worldwide’s David Bartlett randomly received a link from a friend with the message, “I think you will really like these guys!” The friend, Andy Kaulkin of Anti- Records, worked with one of Bartlett’s other artists, Mavis Staples, and knew he tended to enjoy rootsy music.

The band was The Record Company. Bartlett did indeed enjoy The Record Company’s unapologetic style of blues-rock, and got in contact with the members.

When he saw the trio perform for the first time in Milwaukee, it sealed the deal.

Photo: Geoffrey Tischman

“There is a tremendous amount of energy,” Bartlett told Pollstar. “They’re just a three-piece and they are able to create a big sound … and they connect with the audience. At the time, they didn’t have a full-length record out and they were performing to crowds that had never heard of them. They were getting standing ovations, and this was a constant thing that happened on this tour.”

The Los Angeles-based group features vocalist/guitarist Chris Vos, bassist Alex Stiff and Marc Cazorla, who plays drums and piano.

The band released its first album, Give It Back To You, in February. Prior to that, The Record Company was opening for the likes of Staples, Grace Potter, B.B. King, and Buddy Guy.

Photo: Leslii C. Stevens

The plan for the summer is festivals, festivals, festivals. The Record Company played Bonnaroo and Mountain Jam, the latter of which gave the group a last-minute bump into a prime slot, where they “totally killed it,” Bartlett said.

The Record Company’s next step is its first headlining tour, which begins in late September. The tour will kick off in Seattle, then the guys will “get in a van and drive around the country for six weeks,” playing in 500- to 1,000-cap rooms