Musician Shows Optimal Police Interaction

Coffey Anderson, country singer and former contestant on Nashville Star and American Idol, released a video on Monday of how to optimally deal with police during a roadside stop. The Facebook video has since reached 35 million views.

Photo: Screenshot Courtesy of Evolution PR
A screenshot of a video from Coffey Anderson's Facebook page.

In the video, Coffey emphasizes that individuals who are pulled over should always have their hands visible and can do things like get their license and registration out ahead of time to avoid having to reach for their wallet during the interaction.

“This is about going home. There is a big disconnect because at the end of the day it’s about stereotypes. The stereotypes that I have seen of policemen was the video from Rodney King. And a lot of stereotypes that they see of African American men are not positive. We’ve been there, we’ve all seen it and guess what, I want to break the wall down between what we really don’t know about each other to what we can learn from each other.”

Here is the video:

The video comes on the heels of an attack which left five police officers dead in Dallas July 7. Those officers were on duty overseeing a peaceful protest of the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, whose deaths July 5 and 6 in interactions with police were captured on video and went viral. Castile was shot during a traffic stop after reportedly informing an officer that he was carrying a weapon and then reaching for his wallet.

Coffey has recorded country and Christian music, and originally hails from Texas. You can get more info on him and his music at as well as his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.