Elite 100 Artists

Pollstar has expanded its BuzzAngle Music-powered Elite 50 Artists chart to Elite 100, giving our subscribers a snapshot of the week’s top-selling artists based on music sales and streaming. 

Owned by Border City Media, BuzzAngle Music has launched its 2.0 version, with improved customization, filter layout, report types and even video tutorials to help users navigate the powerful service.

“Nowhere else can you click a button to switch a dashboard view of an album’s or song’s data from the U.S. to Canada or the U.K, or run a report for the Chicago market to find out last Wednesday’s top streamed dubstep songs that were released in January,” Border City CEO Jim Lidestri said. “BuzzAngle Music 2.0 is, simply, the most sophisticated and comprehensive music analytics service in the world.”

BuzzAngle’s mid-year 2016 report shows an increasing U.S. consumption of music (6.5 percent), even as sales of most formats declined. The increase was mostly thanks to streaming, which saw an overall increase of 58 percent compared with last year. For the first time, audio streams like Pandora and Spotify overtook video streams (YouTube).

Drake is king of the year so far, with both the top album and song. Hip hop and R&B genres saw tremendous growth from last year, gaining 33 percent and 44 percent respectively, and trail close behind pop as the top three genres overall.

BuzzAngle Music receives daily data from major retailers, hundreds of independent record stores, direct-to-fan sites, venue sales agents, digital streamers, and the leading radio airplay tracking services.

More than 250,000 different chart combinations are available to subscribers at buzzanglemusic.com/charts

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